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Melanotan 2

Lab Grade Melanotan II at Tanmelano
Top Quality Vials & Sprays For All Testing Applications!

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We believe in quality, trust and speed! When you buy from us you will get not only high quality Melanotan 2   Nasal tanners, but a 5* service from order to delivery. You can rest assured we will try our best to provide you with a unrivalled service and with a top quality customer service team you can be sure you are in good hands! We understand the best melanotan 2 tanning nasal sprays and Melanotan 2 Vials are what customers seek so we want to offer you the one stop solution.

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Shining Bright

It’s hard to choose who to trust in a saturated market but Tanmelano shine through due to our unrivalled service and top quality nasal tanner and vial products.

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Outstanding support

Our customer support is second to none – users rate us 5* for our tanning nasal sprays and know we don’t rest until every issue is solved to satisfaction throughout their purchases. 


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Melanotan II, Nasal Tanners, Tanning Drops?

We know with all the misinformation and tricky names things can get a little confusing but we are here to help, when you hear someone mention a nasal tanner be it extreme, double strength, triple, nasel tanner or another name they are simply referring to Melanotan 2 is quantities of 10mg for example “I’ve got a double strength nasal tanner” is actually a 20mg MT2 solution. The a same rules apply for triple strength nasal tan, it is simply 3 x 10mg of melanotan II. Tanning drops are simply the same solution in a pipette bottle for easier testing.

Best Nasal tanners?

We may be a little bias about our tanning nasal sprays and vials however we aim to give you nothing but 100% satisfaction for your melanotan 2 spray and vial orders.

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