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MELANOTAN 2 – Nasal Tan? Tan Drops?

Have you heard of MT-2 (Melanotan) aka Tanners, nasal tanners, tan jabs, nasal tanning spray? Maybe you have, maybe not; let us fill you in with the info. MT-2 tanning nasal spray; aka Melanotan 2 or more recently the nasal tanner is a peptide that acts upon your body’s production level of melanin essentially ramping […]

Nasal Tans (nasel tan)

Before the discovery of the nasal tanners delivery method the only viable delivery method was Subcutaneous Injection. Hence the more common name tanning jabs. The Melanotan nasal spray delivery method was developed by users who did not want to use the injections. There are several reasons that someone may prefer the MT2 nasal tanners. There is a stigma […]

Nasal Tan

In this article, we’ll talk about how to nasal tan have been used. Melanotan 2 Nasal tan Spray is easy to use, it is usually used to gain a natural even tan with less sun exposure. Melanotan 2 has other effects on the body, it has been shown in studies to burn fat and can […]

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