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Nasal Tan

In this article, we’ll talk about how to nasal tan have been used. Melanotan 2 Nasal tan Spray is easy to use, it is usually used to gain a natural even tan with less sun exposure. Melanotan 2 has other effects on the body, it has been shown in studies to burn fat and can increase your libido, however as always caution is advised as it also can cause other effects such as nausea.


How they are used : (with a 10mg nasal spray)

  • First day – 2 sprays were taken, 1 in each nostrils.
  • Second day – 4 sprays were taken, 1 in both nostrils, twice daily.
  • Third Day: 6 sprays were taken, 1 in each nostril, 3 times daily.
  • Beyond Day 3 – R=The amount was dropped to 4 sprays for around 3 weeks, or until the desired colour was achieved.

when the user noticed any strange darkening around the chin, mouth or neck they had reached their maximum dosage for their body type, and they then moved on the maintenance dosage of Nasal Tanners Spray.

Maintenance Dosage:

Once they achieved the desired skin colour, the user took up to 4 sprays, 3 to 4 times a week.

How nasal tan were Stored:

The Nasal Tanners spray was kept in the fridge for best shelf life (3-4 months) beyond this the product can start to degrade.

Possible Side Effects:

Some users experienced mild nausea when use of the nasal tan spray for the loading period, this dispersed quickly.
Some users noticed moles and freckles will becoming darker and more apparent. When users experienced nausea or a headaches, they lowered their dose by half of the amount.

The users seen the full results no later than weeks 3 and 4.

All information on nasal tan is for information purpose only and from , you should not use this as a guide. is not responsible in any way for actions taken from this information.

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