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Melanotan Nasal Tanning spray, SFP & exposure

Please note all blogs and content are to give you a full understanding of Melanotan 2, nasal tanners (melanotan nasal sprays) and all of the uses in a test environment and tanning.

Blogs found and content are purely for research. and all of our associates including guest blog writers will not be not held responsible for what is done with the information.

Have you been looking to buy Melanotan nasal sprays? The market IS FULL of products and when it comes to finding the best melanotan it can be quite daunting.

Everybody likes a feeling there best and what better way than with a glowing healthy tanning.
Some people use nasal tanners sprays to enhance the colour and speed of their tanning experience.

We know there are associated risks with tanning, doctors will tell you there is no such thing as safe tanning which is true, even fake tans containing DHA have been minimised to a top concentration of 10% to guarantee they are safe . You can however take steps to minimise burning, discomfort and over exposure with the correct SPF creams and blockers.

How Much nasal tanning Should You Use? 

The amount of melanotan 2 nasal tanners spray will depend on where you sit on the Fitzpatrick Skin Chart. It can also depend on lifestyle factors like your weight.

If a person was Type 1, they would typically use a dose of 30 to 50mg in total for your course. If you are Type 2, you’ll need to use a dose of 20 to 30mg. A person who is are between Type 3 and Type 6, you will need to use between 10 to 20mg.

How Long Will melanotan 2 nasal tanners sprays Last?

One of the benefits of using melanotan injections or nasal tanning is that they are long-lasting. They can last for months, even if you don’t get any UV exposure or stop taking the injections. In comparison, natural tans will only last for a few days. 

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