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10mg MT II Spray and 6ml Sterile Water
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10mg MT II Spray and 6ml Sterile Water


  • 10mg
  • spray bottle
  • melanotan 2
  • HPLC tested for purity
  • 99.7% MT-2
  • 6ml Sterile Water under 0.005 PPM
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Spray Bottle with 10mg of Melanotan II

The spray applicator bottle with the peptide Melanotan 2 (aka mt-2, nasal tanners, tan jab) has been used in research trials for many applications.
It has shown to be promising in aspects of tanning however more research is needed until the peptide can be applied to tanning. The studies have been under taken with tan and tanning with Melanotan 2 were done as early as 2009. The peptide can increase the ability to tan and reduce the length of time under exposure to get the same results that would normally take much longer. For the best experience always do your own research. Double strength tanner are ideal for first time applications.

Melanotan II spray VS Vial tests, Who performed best in research settings?

A study has shown that tanning sprays at best had 40% efficacy to the tanning injections of melanotan 2. When trialed for tanning, even a double strength nasal will only be 80% effective as a 10mg vial for injection when looking for a natural looking tan. Another study was complete the same was found when the best tan was not the objective, they found during the libido tests the results were very poor for the spray vs the injection.

pseudonyms and what they means?

If you take a look online at a number of names for Melanotan 2 have been seen such as; tanning jabs, extreme nasal, tannings spray, MT2, Melano. These are simply describing the same thing Melanotan 2.

When we look at Melanotan 2  it is similar to a substance in our bodies called Melanocyte-stimulating hormone. The peptide is known to be responsible for the production of skin-darkening pigments. This is how the tanning effect was seen in trials. Best results were seen when using a 20mg of the peptide AKA a double strength tanner.

Our Melanotan peptides are stored in a lyophilised (a freeze dried fine powder) state. They need reconstitution before they can be used for testing and or research.

For research purposes only, if in doubt please consult our Terms & Conditions before ordering. Goods are sold for Collaborative Laboratory Research Material is 100% Synthetic Material is Non-infectious. Non-Toxic and Non-Pathogenic Material is not an Immunogen Material is for In-Vitro use only Material will not be used for human or animal consumption Material is strictly for Academic Laboratory Research Purposes Material does not contain any animal or cell culture derived products for additives such as Albumin or Serum By using this Website, you agree to this Terms and Conditions of Use Agreement. If you do not agree, please exit and disregard the information contained herein.

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