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30mg Triple Strength MT II with 7ml sterile water spray Dispensers
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30mg Triple Strength MT II with 7ml sterile water spray Dispensers


  • 30mg
  • Triple Strenght to 10mg
  • spray
  • melanotan 2
  • HPLC tested for purity
  • 99.7% MT-2
  • 6ml Sterile Water
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 30mg of Melanotan 2 (aka Triple Strength) with  3x Bottles of sterile water

Melanotan 2 ( slang names include mt-2, nasal tanners, tan jabs, spray and injections) were used in research trials for tanning protection properties .
It has shown to be promising in aspects of tanning. Also libido with subjects having results found in the link above. It is important however to remember this is a research chemical that is only to be used in a research setting. The Melanotan 2 peptide increased the ability to tan with less exposure to UV rays. The studies have been under taken with nasal tan and tanning injections with Melanotan 2. The peptide can increase the ability to tan in a shorter time when exposed to UV rays either sun or artificial. However is not recommend for usage in humans due to the limited data. This reduction in the length of time under exposure to get the same results was what has made MT 2 so interesting for research. For the best experience always do your own research.

Melanotan 2 VS Melanotan 1, What performed in exploration settings?

A study has shown that spray operations of any peptides in exploration setting at best had 40 efficacy to the subcutaneous injection. When looking for the holdings of melanotan 2 when trialed for tanning. A treble strength spray will only be slightly more effective. in comparison to a 10 mg vial that was used subcutaneous in test subjects. When varied studies were complete the same was establish; when the required tan wasn’t the goal the subcutaneous system of delivery was far superior to other operations. During tests for libido they realised the results were in fact poor for the spray administration. The injection route shows results for libido enhancement in the first cases.

References to MT2

still, tanning MT2 Testing, extreme nasal tan. If you take a look online at a number of names for Melanotan. Such as seen similar as; triple strength nasals. These are simply describing the same thing Melanotan 2 in quantities of 10mg. These websites and merchandisers aren’t looking at the advancement of science. Some simply use these words as a selling tactic . You have no idea what you’re getting, ask to see HPLC test results. Our peptides are tested by a 3rd party. We can provide full HPLC reports and are sourced from only the professional exploration labs available for melanotan 2.

When we look at Melanotan 2 it is analogous to a substance  in living Animals. This is called Melanocyte- stimulating hormone. The substance is known to be responsible for the output of skin- darkening colors. This is how the tanning changes seen in trials were reached. Desired testing results were seen when using dependable sources for the peptide.

Melanotan 2 peptides are precisely vended for exploration purposes only THEY ARE NOT FOR Human and animal CONSUMPTION, if in uncertain please carry out due active exploration or consult our Terms & Conditions before ordering.
For more information please read our FAQ.

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